Lie detector exam shows Stormy Daniels was truthful about having ‘unprotected’ sex with Donald Trump

Long before signing a “hush agreement,” porn star Stormy Daniels took a lie detector test about her sexual relationship with Donald Trump — and the examiner found a more than 99% probability she was truthful when she said they had unprotected sex in 2006.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, took the polygraph test at a doctor’s office in Las Vegas on May 19, 2011, according to a copy of the exam obtained by the Daily News.

The X-rated actress took the test at the request of InStyle Magazine, which had conducted a lengthy interview with her about her year-long affair with Trump. But the interview wasn’t published after Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen threatened the magazine with a lawsuit.

Daniels recently filed a lawsuit asking that her nondisclosure agreement be nulled because, while she and Cohen signed, Trump never did. She has offered to return the $130,000 that Cohen paid her in exchange for her silence about the steamy affair, which began just a few weeks after First Lady Melania gave birth to Trump’s youngest son, Barron, according to court records.

Ronald Slay, the Las Vegas polygraph examiner who conducted Daniels’ test, testified in a sworn declaration dated March 19, 2018, that the results of the exam are “true and correct.”

Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, provided The News with a photo of Daniels taking the exam, and stressed that this should put any ambiguity about the affair to bed.

“Long before Mr. Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, Ms. Clifford passed a lie detector test confirming her relationship with Mr. Trump,” Avenatti said in a statement. “Where are his test results claiming otherwise? Where are Mr. Cohen’s test results claiming otherwise? When this is over, the American people will know the truth about the relationship and the cover-up.”

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Daniels answered “YES” to having “vaginal” and “unprotected” sex with Trump “around July 2006,” according to the polygraph exam. Both answers had a less than 1% chance of being false, Slay concluded.


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