Livery cab drivers rally against TLC, city tickets


About 100 livery cab drivers gathered in the Bronx to protest the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and other city officials who they say unfairly ticket them.

The drivers rallied on 173rd street and Webster Avenue Wednesday night to protest.

Drivers say they are continuously slapped with a number of fines from the TLC and the NYPD.

They say they receive violations for not displaying a TLC license, using a phone while driving and having tinted windows.

Some tickets cost $1,500 for a single offense, drivers say.

They say the main violation they are upset about is the one they receive for picking up riders who hail their vehicles – a legal practice for yellow and green cabs but not for livery vehicles. According to the TLC, rides must be ordered through a dispatch center or on a smartphone app.

Drivers tell News 12 they are just trying to do their jobs by picking people up around the city but the NYPD is standing in their way and targeting them with tickets.

They say the fine amounts are simply unreasonable.

A spokesperson for the TLC commented by saying “The TLC is very committed to respectfully listening to the concerns of TLC-licensed drivers, and we encourage any details and information on issues they may have.”

Drivers say they are also losing profits to ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft and the added fines from the city and the TLC are making it much harder to make a living.

Credit: News 12

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