Mail Dog: Robotic Dog ‘Spot’ Could Deliver Your Next Package

While some companies are researching how to use drones or autonomous vehicles to deliver goods to customers, one company has trained a robotic dog to do the job.

“Spot” is a four-legged, canine-like machine created by the Google-owned technology firm Boston Dynamics. The robot was first introduced in a 2015 video on YouTube, in which Spot can be seen running, climbing stairs and maintaining its balance even after it is pushed. Now, Spot can also deliver packages that are strapped to its back, Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert announced at this week’s TED2017 conference, Wired UK┬áreported.

“We’ve been taking our robot to employees’ homes to see whether we could get in the various access ways,” Raibert said during the talk, according to Wired. “We’re doing very well, about 70 per cent of the way.”

Credit: Live Science

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