Man bites off nose of girlfriend and chews her body

A man caused horrific injuries to his girlfriend during an argument, according to police in South Dakota.

Charles Mix County police said that they have arrested 30-year-old John Abdo, after being accused of biting off the nose of his girlfriend.

In court, Abdo has been found guilty of aggravated assault.

Judge Bruce Anderson sentenced Abdo to serve 15 years in prison. However, 8 years of the sentence was suspended after the victim asked the judge to dismiss all the charges against Abdo.

According to the police investigation, Abdo launched a vicious attack against his girlfriend following an argument. He bit off her nose, and then chewed her torso, arms, legs and face.

A doctor described the wounds to the victim’s body as “horrific.” The victim is 22 years old.

Credit: WorldWide Weird News

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