Mexican family claim to film a ‘witch’ taking off and flying into the air on a broomstick

A Mexican family claim to have filmed a witch taking off and flying into the air.

Bizarre footage shows a fire burning on the ground in Monterrey, Mexico, before rising up and transforming into a ball shape.

Whatever it is, the shape does not appear to be particularly terrifying, as the family can be heard giggling when filming the video.

The footage was first posted on a radio show’s page geared towards paranormal activity and other bizarre phenomenon that broadcasts in the US and Mexico City.

It was shared by Victor H. Gutierrez with this message: ‘A workmate who lives in Monterrey said that his family recorded it and they believed that this is a witch.’

Internet user Verito De Garcia insisted it was in fact a witch. He said: ‘You only needs to look at the tree, you can see it clearly.’

However, others insisted it was a balloon or a newspaper page that flew up into the air due to the wind.

Alfredo Mena Cervantes wrote: ‘Haha, these tricks were also done by us because we were burning newspapers and balloons’.

Arturo Vigueras’ said: ‘This is lie, and meant to make you laugh.’

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