Mother launches racist tirade at Asian woman who allegedly stole her daughter’s seat on New York subway — WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE

A mother on a New York subway was caught on video launching a racist tirade at an Asian woman who allegedly pushed her young daughter out her seat.

The video posted to YouTube by Jose Amatute on May 30 shows the defensive mother shouting at the woman in front of the passengers on a train.

“He didn’t get up for me cuz my daughter black, cuz my daughter black he didn’t get up for me to sit,” the mother shouts at the beginning of the video, which has garnered over 85,000 views as of Tuesday.

“Mind your language,” the woman says, telling the mother to calm down.

“What’s calm? You play with my kid and I’m supposed to be okay with it?” the mother fires back. “So f–k you.”

The video, recorded by a bystander shows two women fighting on the subway, after one asked the other’s daughter to give up her seat. Credit: YouTube (YouTube)

The woman again tells her to watch her language, prompting the angry mother to order her daughter to push the woman off of the seat.

The mother then violently shoves the woman, knocking her to the ground, video shows.

“Don’t play with my daughter b—h,” the mother shouts. “That’s my child. F–k your language.”

“Ya all speak English? Tell her what she did wrong. She moved my child out of her seat,” she yells. “This ain’t your country. Welcome to America. Welcome to Brooklyn b—h.”

Video shows the woman calmly standing as the mother continues shouting profanities.

“F–k out of here, gonna push my child out of her seat cuz my daughter Spanish and she Chinese,” the mother says.

It’s unknown when the incident happened and police haven’t commented on the video.


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