Naked burglar reportedly goes on panty-stealing rampage

A naked burglar was on the loose in Washington after allegedly breaking into multiple women’s homes before trying on and stealing their underwear.

The nude bandit’s rampage started in Lakewood, Washington Wednesday morning when he attempted to climb into a window — but took off when somebody screamed, according to

Shortly after the first incident, a woman said she came home to find a naked man in her bedroom trying on a pair of her underwear. He calmly walked out of the home wearing nothing but white tennis shoes, the site said.

A third incident took place not far away where the suspect allegedly ransacked a home and ran away carrying a bag.

In yet another break-in a woman said she woke up to find a naked man standing in her bedroom.

Police later raided a campsite where they found women’s underwear and a cell phone that contained pictures of a man wearing women’s underwear.

Credit: NY Post

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