News: Puerto Rican, Serrano Sisters, Could Become First Sisters To Hold World Champion Boxing Titles At The Same Time


Cindy (L) and Amanda (R) Serrano. (Photo: EFE/TEAM SERRANO)
Cindy (L) and Amanda (R) Serrano. (Photo: EFE/TEAM SERRANO)

Puerto Ricans Cindy and Amanda Serrano could become the first pair of sisters to be world boxing champions at the same time, if Cindy can defeat Colombia’s Calixta Silgado in their bout for the 126-pound World Boxing Organization world title on Dec. 10.

The Cosme Beitia de Cataño coliseum in northeastern Puerto Rico will host the fight.

If Serrano wins, she and Amanda will become the first pair of sisters to hold female boxing titles simultaneously and the first such duo to win the same title in the same year.

In February, Amanda won the WBO title in the 126-pound category in a knockout fight against reigning world champion Olivia Gerula of Canada.

Eventually, however, Amanda left the 126-pound title vacant when she dropped to 122 pounds and won the WBO title in that weight category.

“When Amanda left the title vacant to drop to 122 pounds, it didn’t go through my mind how great all this could be. This is something really great for me, for my family, for women’s boxing and for Puerto Rico,” said Cindy in a statement released Tuesday by organizers of the event.

She added that she would go all out to “make history” in the ring against Silgado.

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