One of the pack! German Shepherd reverts to its wild ways

One of the pack! German Shepherd reverts to its wild ways by howling along to wolves on the TV as his family watches Disney’s Zootopia

This is one dog determined to connect with his ancestors – cartoon ones, at least.

 A precocious German Shepherd named Randell was filmed lazing by the television which was playing the hit animation flick Zootopia.

As soon as one of the movie’s wolves begin howling, the dog looks into the camera as if to say ‘Wait a second, I should be doing that too, right?’ German shepherd joins in with HOWLING wolves from Zootopia

A wolf from the animation smash flick Zootopia howls into the night, much like the German Shepherd howling into his ceiling  ‘Going to have to fine that German Shepherd one belly rub for being loud and a pet for being a good boy,’ joked one commenter.

‘Getting in touch with his roots,’ wrote another. Zootopia is the smash 3D animation movie that explores the unlikely partnership between a rabbit cop and a fox criminal as they try to solve a conspiracy regarding Manchas, a black jaguar chauffeur, who is captured by wolves. The movie has grossed over one billion dollars and it’s easy to see why when even canines are big fans.


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