Pa. man accused of pooping on church steps in broad daylight

The first report to police in Wilkes-Barre was for a man with his pants down near a church. It was only upon closer inspection that police sniffed out the real offense: The man had allegedly pooped on the church steps in broad daylight last week.

According to the Times-Leader newspaper, the suspect is James Robert Russell, 47, of Wilkes-Barre.

Police tell the newspaper a witness allegedly saw Russell with his pants down atop the steps of a downtown church, which was not identified in the report, around 1 p.m. last Wednesday.

Police quickly caught up with Russell, who was carrying a blue bag and blue milk crate. But they tell the Times Leader he couldn’t focus on their questions and seemed more interested in continually eating from the large container of strawberries he was carrying.

At the time, Russell denied pulling down his pants and was allowed to leave, the Times Leader reports.

It was only after officers returned to church and spoke to a witnesses that they uncovered the real evidence:

“Upon closer inspection, police observed human feces on the top step of the church surrounded by half-eaten strawberries,” the Times Leader writes.

Russell now faces charges in the incident.

Credit: Penn Live

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