Paramedics save choking man’s life by forcing Coca-Cola into his mouth

A choking man in the United Kingdom, was saved thanks to quick thinking paramedics who forced soda down his throat to clear his airway.

Northampton ambulance workers said that they were called to the home of the choking man who had food stuck in his airway.

The paramedics forced Coca-Cola Classic down the man’s throat, and the bubbly liquid helped dissolve some of the meat that was lodged in his throat.

He was then taken to the Northampton General Hospital, where he finished the can of Coke, and cleared all the meat from his airway.

After being released from the hospital, the victim, 44-year-old Peter Ford, reunited with the paramedics to thank them for saving his life.

He gave them a bouquet of flowers and a can of Coca-Cola Classic as a show of gratitude. Ford recalled that while he was eating meat, some of the food became stuck in his airway.

He tried to use the handle of the spoon to clear his throat by himself, but it did not work. He then quickly called 999, and communicated with the dispatcher by pressing buttons on his phone.

Paramedic Paul Whiting said that only the Coca-Cola Classic works to open blocked airways. He also warned people to not try this trick by themselves.

Credit: WorldWide Weird News

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