Pilot jumps off plane and performs Kiki dance challenge

This is the amusing moment a pilot decided to take a break from her flight duties and take part in the Kiki dance challenge.

Joined by her flight attendant, pilot Alejandra Manriquez is seen pushing one of the levers in the cop pit before walking down the plane’s steps.

The duo are then seen raising their arms in the air and bopping alongside the plane as it gently eases forward.

On aviation website 152 Aviation Alejandra writes: ‘Aviation is a beautiful, but very demanding career that you must love in order to be able to successfully pursue it with enough passion, overcoming all the obstacles that are going to be in your way.

‘Because that is a fact, there is no easy way to something worth achieving! But now I thank life for every rock along my way because they prepared me to be the strongest version of myself.

‘I needed these to become a better person and a professional pilot.’

Alejandra’s Kiki dance has now gathered more than 25,000 views on Twitter.

However this is not the first time a dance trend has gone viral this year.

At the beginning of this year, Russell Horning, also known as The Backpack Kid, stole the show on Saturday Night Live when he performed his iconic moves to Katy Perry’s song Swish Swish.

Dubbed the floss dance the moves became an instant hit, with people across the world posting their attempts on social media.

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