Restaurant workers caught preparing food on ground next to dumpster

A restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina was caught on camera committing a “critical violation” of health safety standards after footage appeared to showing employees preparing food on the filthy ground resurfaced.

Employees of Tokyo Grill & Buffet were caught on camera in May peeling onions outside the restaurant onto the ground next to a dumpster and garbage cans, according to FOX46 that acquired the video.

The Mecklenburg County Health Department described the footage as a “critical violation” of health safety standards. The department quickly sent out a health inspector to the restaurant, following the media outlet’s inquiries.

The general manager of Tokyo Grill & Buffet admitted the food was previously prepared on the ground but noted that one employee from the video is no longer working in the restaurant.

He claimed nobody could have stopped rogue employees from violating hygiene standards. No manager was present that day they prepared food next to filth, he said.

The health department said having no manager on duty is itself a violation.

The department also said that the restaurant manager admitted to preparing more food on the ground as late as in August. It forced the venue to throw away the food.

So far, the restaurant had three health inspections this year.

Preparing food on the ground is considered to be a serious violations of standards and drastically lowers the score, the health department said.

Credit: NY Post 

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