Shocking moment schoolboy is dragged along the road by a bus after his bag got caught in closing doors

A 11-year-old schoolboy in China was dragged along the road by a bus last week after getting his bag caught between the closing doors.

The primary school pupil was left injured and terrified after the accident in Anshun city on April 7, according to media.

A surveillance footage shows the bus driver continuing driving towards the next stop. He didn’t stop the vehicle until passengers started screaming.

The 26-second clip, posted by Pear Video, shows the school boy getting off a bus with several passengers at around 7pm.

The student, surnamed Liu, was on his way to an after-school tutorial class.

As he got off the bus, his bag got stuck in the door.

The bus driver appeared to be unaware of the situation. He accelerated the bus and drove along a downhill road, according to a witness.

Terrified passengers started screaming and asked the driver to stop and open the door.

Liu was released after being dragged alongside the bus for more than 33 feet (10 metres).

He suffered several injuries and was petrified by the ordeal.

The mother of the boy, surnamed Chen, was furious. She blamed the driver for driving off without even checking her son’s injuries.

She demanded an apology from the driver and the bus company.

A spokesman of the bus company said the driver would face ‘a heavy penalty’ for his negligence.

Credit: Daily Mail

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