Bus Driver Put on Leave After Letting Monkey Take The Wheel

An animal-loving bus driver in India has been put on leave after he was caught red-handed engaging in monkey business.

Video showed a simian sitting atop the steering wheel for a few minutes, appearing to take control as driver Prakash changed gears. The Times of India reported Saturday that Indian transportation officials have removed Prakash from duty and asked for an inquiry into his conduct.

“He is an animal-lover, but he should not have allowed this while driving a bus,” an official said.

The monkey came onto the bus with a passenger. No one appeared to be injured, and no one complained about the animal, according to The Times of India.

Source: NY Post; Bus driver put on leave after letting monkey take the wheel By Anthony Izaguirre


Grandma strangles rabid bobcat with her bare hands

A rabid bobcat was no match for this Georgia granny.

DeDe Phillips strangled a crazed cat that pounced on her as she was working in the front yard of her home in rural Hart County, about an hour north of Athens.

“I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat,” the 46-year-old told the Athens Banner-Herald.

Then she squeezed.

“Once I got him where he wasn’t moving I started screaming for my daughter-in-law to call 911,” she said.

Phillips suffered a broken finger and numerous bite and claw wounds to her hands, arms, chest and legs. She also started a round of rabies shots after learning the cat was rabid.

The daughter-in-law of a bobcat trapper, Phillips knew she was dealing with a vicious animal — and needed to act fast.

“They go for your jugular . . . when they can get the vein you’re dead in a couple of minutes,” she said, noting she was careful not to yell until the cat was subdued, because she didn’t want her 5-year-old granddaughter to come outside.

Phillips refused to release the beast until her son showed up and stabbed the animal “four or five times.”

“It never budged, so I knew it was completely dead,” she said.

Ironically, she had just applied a “Women who behave rarely make history” bumper sticker to her truck, and was preparing to snap a photo for her husband when the brazen bobcat wandered into her yard.

“My neighbor’s dog was barking and it drew my attention,” Phillips told the paper.

The attack happened in a flash.

She snapped a photo of the cat and it “took two steps and was on top of me . . . it came for my face.”

Phillips’ cousin set up a Fundly.com account to raise money for her medical expenses; she’s already collected $24,200 as of Saturday afternoon.

Credit: NY Post

Michael Jackson’s former elephant escapes from zoo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — An elephant that once lived at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch briefly escaped its enclosure at a Florida zoo.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens posted on Facebook that Ali the bull elephant wandered through a gate that was accidentally left open and wound up in a courtyard.

The zoo said guests weren’t endangered and safety protocols were quickly put into place.

Zoo staff used food to entice the elephant back into the enclosure. Ali was loose for about 20 minutes.

Credit: NY Post

Ramone the pig rescued from hot BMW

Hold the bacon jokes, please.

Authorities in Southern California rescued a disgruntled pig from a hot car Wednesday afternoon.

The hog was spotted in an uncorporated part of Tustin, Orange County, sitting in the back of a locked BMW, the Orange County Register reported.

“We see a lot of things in this line of work and just when we think we’ve seen it all,” Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s North Patrol posted on Facebook, along with a photo of the pig, named Ramone.

Police said they managed to track down the owner of the vehicle and safely removed the pig.

It is not known if the owner was charged.

The police advised in the post, “as we approach summer, remember to not leave your animals inside the vehicle.”

Credit: NY Post

Man confesses to sex with horse using overturned bucket

A “homeless-looking” man in Oregon has confessed to sexually assaulting a horse after its owner found the animal “tied up in an unusual way” inside its stable, police and court documents say.

Kenneth Lijah Duyck, 20, is in Washington County Jail Thursday on suspicion of sexual assault of an animal and second-degree burglary stemming from the incident last week on a rural property in Hillsboro.

Duyck broke into the stable and went after a black mare named Ellie, The Oregonian reported, citing court records and police statements.

The owner of the property later discovered a bucket overturned, and in a call to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, said the animal was “tied up in an unusual way,” FOX12 Oregon reported.

She then sent a photo of the horse to her daughter, a veterinarian, who said it looked like the horse was sexually assaulted.

The owner also reportedly said she received a call a day earlier from a man who identified himself as “Duyck” asking if he could camp on her property.

Duyck, described by the stable owner as a “homeless-looking” man whom she spotted talking to neighbors around the time of the incident, was found sleeping in a car Tuesday in a Walmart parking lot in Cornelius.

Duyck told investigators he broke into the stable to look for work before admitting to sexually assaulting the horse, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

An affidavit also quoted him as saying that he believes he carried out the lewd act because he was off his medications.

Credit:NY Post

Feds probing death of puppy stowed in overhead bin

The Department of Transportation has launched an investigation into the death of a puppy that was stowed away in a United overhead bin during a three-and-a-half-hour flight — against its owners wishes.

DOT officials said Wednesday that they’d be probing the incident, including reports that the pooch could have gone under the owner’s seat but a flight attendant refused.

While United admitted in a statement that the staffer had messed up — “as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin” — its claims the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

“We have learned that the customer did tell the flight attendant that there was a dog in the carrier,” the airline said Wednesday. “However, our flight attendant did not hear or understand her, and did not knowingly place the dog in the overhead bin.

“As we stated, we take full responsibility and are deeply sorry for this tragic accident,” United added. “We remain in contact with the family to express our condolences and offer support.”

Transportation officials said Wednesday that they were working with the Department of Agriculture — which enforces the Animal Welfare Act and handles complaints regarding animal mistreatment — to find out what happened.

Fellow passengers who were on board the Big Apple-bound flight have reported hearing the owner’s pleas to keep her four-legged best friend in the cabin.

The incident has sparked fierce backlash online and even caused some politicians to take notice.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) sent a letter Wednesday to United president Scott Kirby, requesting information on the events leading up to the French bulldog’s death. He later told MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake that he took the puppy’s passing very personally.

“It made me mad,” said Kennedy. “I have a couple dogs at home. One of them is a beagle and I don’t know what the other one is, but I love him.”

In his letter, the senator pointed to similar incidents, such as the United bunny death last year, in which airlines were allegedly negligent.

“This pattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable,” Kennedy wrote, citing DOT figures. “For many people, pets are members of the family. They should not be treated like insignificant cargo.”

According to DOT records, 18 of the 24 animals that perished last year on US carriers were flying United. Another 13 were injured.

“They killed this poor dog — and it’s not right,” Kennedy said.

The Louisiana lawmaker plans to introduce legislation on Thursday, which would ban the transport of pets in overhead bins.

“I will be filing a bill tomorrow that will prohibit airlines from putting animals in overhead bins,” Kennedy tweeted. “Violators will face significant fines. Pets are family.”

Credit: NY Post

Rampaging bull causes lockdown at Idaho high school

BURLEY, Idaho — A high school in southeast Idaho was briefly placed on lockdown after a bull escaped an auction yard and stormed past the campus.

The Times-News reports the Black Angus bull rampaged across the town of Burley on Tuesday, trampling over signs and charging at people before arriving at Burley High School.

Sheriff Jay Heward says the officers were not able to capture the bull, so the animal was killed in order to keep the public safe. He says no gunshots were fired on school grounds.

The Cassia County Sheriff’s Office notified school officials, who placed the campus on lockdown for about 15 minutes as officers followed the animal.

Principal Levi Power says students had been dismissed for lunch, but staff was able to secure the school.

Credit: NY Post

Cops realize tiger is stuffed animal after 45-minute standoff

A Scottish farmer frantically called cops to report a tiger in his cow shed, sparking an armed police standoff — only to learn it just was a large, cuddly stuffed animal.

Bruce Grubb, 24, was throwing a housewarming party when he spotted the bizarre sight and called police, fearing his pregnant cows were about to be devoured.

Now “I feel a bit silly for calling the police, but I thought it was a real emergency,” he told the Scottish Sun. “I had absolutely no doubt it was real. I got a hell of a scare.”

The frightened farmer said the first officer to respond to the scene was so scared that he “refused to get out of the squad car.”

North East Police even checked a local wildfire park to see if they had an escaped tiger on the loose.

After armed cops engaged in a 45-minute “standoff,” they realized the supposedly terrifying beast was actually just a big plush toy.

Cops said they determined the false call was made with “genuine good intent” in a Facebook post about the ordeal.

They even asked an embarrassed Grubb if they could keep the stuffed tiger as a mascot.

It’s unclear how the stuffed toy got in the shed.


Dog shoots hunter in the back

The animals are fighting back.

A dog blasted a pheasant hunter with a shotgun in a bizarre accident in Iowa this week, according to officials.

New Hampshire man William Rancourt, 36, was at a public hunting area in Wright County Wednesday afternoon when the pup unwittingly stepped on the trigger guard of another hunter’s shotgun — causing it to discharge and hit Rancourt in the back with bird shot pellets, Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources said in a press release.

Rancourt was about 22 yards away from the dog when he was shot and was taken to a hospital in Fort Dodge with injuries that are considered non-life-threatening, the department said.

“In this case, there was a good distance between the muzzle and the wound, but if the victim had been closer, his injuries would have been more severe,” Ken Lonneman, a conservation officer for the department told The Des Moines Register.

Rancourt was with three other people and two dogs — both German shorthaired pointers — at the hunting area. One of Rancourt’s fellow hunters had placed his shotgun on the ground without unloading, according to the report.

“I don’t know if we can blame the dog in this case,” Lonneman told CBS News. “If we’re going to blame anyone, I would say the hunters were at fault here.”

Although hunting dogs are commonly used in pheasant hunting, they rarely shoot their animal-killing owners Lonneman told Radio Iowa.

“It’s only happened twice that I’ve seen in my 31 years as a conservation officer where a dog actually was responsible for the accidental discharge of a gun,” he said. “But it does happen.”

Credit: NY Post