Police Chief Busted for Masturbating at Beach, Inside Elevator With Women and Kids

An Alabama police chief is accused of fondling himself inside an elevator and masturbating while walking behind teenage girls on a Florida beach.

Billy Maurice Driggers, 44, was arrested Thursday on four counts of disorderly conduct after witnesses and guests told police he was spotted touching himself while watching women on Tuesday at the Aqua Condominium in Panama City Beach, police said.

Driggers, who was not a registered guest at the residence and had no valid reason to be there, was also seen by witnesses placing his hand in his pants and masturbating while on an elevator on at least three separate occasions in front of women and children, police said.

Driggers was accused of masturbating while walking behind teenage girls on the beach and filming or taking photos of the teens as they used outdoor showers. Investigators said they found no instances of Driggers exposing himself, but his actions were determined to be obscene and sexually deviant, leading them to obtain a warrant for the police chief’s arrest.

Detectives later learned that Driggers was the chief of police in Level Plains, Alabama, where he was arrested Thursday at his office. He was taken into custody at the Dale County Jail, where he’s awaiting extradition to Bay County, Florida, police said.

Driggers, of Daleville, Alabama, has since been placed on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of his arrest, city officials announced on Facebook. Another police officer will be appointed to serve as acting police chief in the interim, according to a statement released by Level Plains Mayor Bruce Grantham.

“This incident will not affect current police department services to our citizens and Level Plains has the cooperation and support of the Dale County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama State Troopers during the period,” Grantham said in a statement.

Neighboring police departments will also assist the Level Plains police as part of its mutual support agreement, Grantham said.

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 Driving Instructor Was Drunk Behind Wheel Before Crash 

A boozed-up driving instructor from Long Island was so reckless behind that wheel that his students got out of the car and hid in a McDonald’s before he rear-ended another driver and got arrested, police said.

“I’m happy to be alive,” one of the students, 16-year-old Matt McGeough told Newsday.

Suffolk Auto Driving School instructor Russell Cohen, 58, was driving McGeough and three other teens in Centereach on Saturday morning when the pupils suspected he was drunk, cops said.

Cohen made inappropriate comments to two of the teenage girls in the car and hit a curb during the lesson, the teens told Newsday.

They convinced him to pull into a McDonald’s on Middle Country Road and called 911 at about 11 a.m., authorities said.

“We jumped out as soon as possible,” student Lila Mabanta, told the Long Island newspaper.

Cohen realized the students weren’t coming out of the McDonald’s and drove away from the restaurant, police said.

He rear-ended a 29-year-old Honda driver about 45 minutes later on Montauk Trail in Ridge, cops said. The Honda driver was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Cohen was arrested on aggravated DWI and endangering the welfare of a child charges, police said.

Source: NY Post; Driving instructor was drunk behind wheel before crash by: Ben Feuerherd

Man Accused of Putting Meth in His Mother-in-law’s Coffee Gets Prison

A Virginia man who allegedly attempted to kill his mother-in-law by putting methamphetamine in her coffee has been sentenced to prison.

After reaching a plea deal, Jack David Price, 56, of Pamplin was sentenced to six years in prison earlier this week. Price is accused of putting meth in his 95-year-old mother-in-law’s coffee in December 2017, The News & Advance reported.

Prosecutors say Ester Price was admitted to a hospital last year showing signs of meth in her system. At the time, Ester Price’s granddaughter, who has not been identified, told authorities she suspected Jack Price was trying to kill her grandmother.

Ester Price also told authorities that the day before she became ill, Jack Price brought her coffee — a gesture she said was “not an ordinary event,” The News & Advance reported.

Jack Price was sentenced Thursday after reaching a plea deal. Prosecutors dropped an attempted first-degree murder charge in exchange for him pleading guilty to altering food, drink or drugs and other offenses.

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Man Mistakes Airplane’s Emergency Exit With Bathroom

A passenger on a GoAir flight from Delhi to Patna, India, created “pandemonium” when he tried to open the emergency exit door midflight, claiming he mistook it for the lavatory.

Other passengers onboard the Saturday flight said the man, a first-time flier in his late 20s, began tugging on the door and said he “needed to use the washroom urgently,” the Independent reported.

When people realized what he was trying to do, they alerted crew members, who persuaded him to return to his seat for the remainder of the flight.

Sanowar Khan, the officer in charge of the local police, told the Times of India there was “pandemonium” as the man attempted to unlock the exit door. Some passengers reportedly even wrestled with the man and were injured in the struggle.

Once the flight landed safely, the man was taken into custody and questioned by authorities, who deemed the incident to be a genuine mistake. “There was no ulterior motive behind his act,” Khan told the Times.

Source: NY post; “Man mistakes airplane’s emergency exit with bathroom” by Michelle Gant

Man Bursts Into Church and Confesses to Cold Case Murder

A man barged into a Connecticut church and confessed to worshipers that he was the fiend who killed a Hartford jogger four years ago — a cold case that’s confounded cops.

Michael Trazinski, the pastor at Open Gate Ministries in East Granby, told ABC News on Monday that he and the handful of parishioners with him knew what they had to do after William Leverett told them that he stabbed mom of two Melissa Millan in 2014.

“Justice needed to be done,” Trazinski said of Leverett’s Sept. 19 confession.

So the pastor and two other people took 27-year-old Leverett to the Simsbury Police Department to turn himself in.

“I’m here to turn myself in for the murder on Iron Horse Boulevard almost four years ago,” he told police, according to the arrest warrant affidavit released Monday.

Leverett told cops he went to the running trail the night of Nov. 20, 2014, looking for “human contact” after attending a treatment meeting for sex offenders, the Hartford Courant reported.

Police charged him Sunday and he is being held on $2 million bail in Hartford.

Source: NY Post; “Man Bursts Into Church and Confesses to Cold Case Murder” by Tamar Lapin

Escaped Inmate Caught While Ordering Sweet Tea at Restaurant

A Florida correctional inmate who escaped a work site on Monday was captured after he was reportedly spotted ordering sweet tea nearby.

Taylor Fender, 23, walked away from a work crew in Interlachen and bought clothes at a dollar store, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. He was spotted by an “observant” passerby who alerted police.

Fender, who’s currently serving a 5-year prison term at the Putnam Corrections Institute in East Palatka, reportedly then made his way over to Poppi’s Restaurant, where he ordered a drink of sweet tea — just as a deputy arrived at the restaurant for lunch.

“As the deputy walked into the restaurant, a [be on the look out] with the suspect’s description was released by dispatchers. The suspect had ordered and paid for a sweet tea,” the sheriff’s office said.

Fender was arrested without incident and transported back to the correctional facility. An escape charge against Fender was sent to the state attorney’s office.

The sheriff’s office joked that Southerners may feel that Fender, who left the restaurant without receiving his order, “committed the bigger crime” by leaving his tea on the counter.

Source: Fox news; “Escaped Inmate Caught While Ordering Sweet Tea at Restaurant” by Nicole Darrah

‘Fortnite’ Gamer Allegedly Threatened To Kill Kid Who Beat Him

A Long Island gamer threatened to gun down an 11-year-old boy who beat him at the popular video game “Fortnite,” police said Tuesday.

The sore loser, 45-year-old Michael Aliperti of Huntington, allegedly sent the kid terrifying texts and left voice messages around 9 p.m. Monday — vowing to hunt him down at his home and shoot him, according to Suffolk police.

“I’m going to find you with a gun,” he raged, according to a criminal complaint. “You dead.”

He added, “I will come to your house tonight and f–k your world up. I’m gonna f–king f–k your world up.”

The unnamed boy, from Kings Park, told cops some of the menacing messages were sent via Xbox after he beat the grown man at the online survival shooter game.

Aliperti’s alleged threats echoed the deranged mindset of David Katz, the disgruntled gamer who opened fire at a Madden football video game tournament in Jacksonville, Fla., last month. Katz allegedly targeted high-profile gamers during the rampage, which killed two people.

Aliperti was charged with aggravated harassment and acting in a manner to injure a child. His bail was set at $2,500 and an order of protection was issued for the boy.


NY Post; ‘Fortnite’ gamer allegedly threatened to kill kid who beat him by  Stephanie Pagones

Dad Arrested For Driving Teen Couple To Park To ‘Do Their Thang,’ Cops Say

A Florida man faces charges after he allegedly drove his 15-year-old son to a park with his teen girlfriend so they could have sex — or, in the dad’s words, “do their thang,” according to police.

Laurence Mitchell, 53, was arrested earlier this month after an officer spotted him after-hours in his car at McChesney Park in Port St. Lucie, according to The Smoking Gun.

The dad reportedly told the officer that his son requested he take him and his girlfriend to the local park “so they can do what kids do.”

“Well, they aren’t out there stealing, they are just having sex,” Mitchell allegedly said to the cop, adding that “they could be out there doing worse.”

Mitchell, however, allegedly admitted that he didn’t know if the girl’s parents consented to her being out.

The police officer then interviewed the teen couple after they returned from the soccer field, the TCPalm reported.

Mitchell’s son reportedly told the officer that he and his girlfriend were “just smokin’ and f–kin’.”

Police arrested the dad and booked him at St. Lucie County Jail on a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was released on $750 bond and scheduled to appear Sept. 25 in court.


Fox News; Dad arrested for driving teen couple to park to ‘do their thang,’ cops say

91 Prisoners Escape Brazilian Jail, Flee Through Tunnel

A group of 91 prisoners escaped a jail in northeastern Brazil on Thursday by fleeing through a 30-meter (100-foot) tunnel, Brazilian media said.

Nine of the inmates have been found, while police are attempting to catch the remaining 82 who disappeared from the prison in Parnamirim, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, according to the Agencia Brasil news agency.

The incident comes just months after 56 inmates escaped from the Alcacuz jail, also in Rio Grande do Norte, during a bloody battle between two rival gangs in which 26 people were massacred.

It was part of an unprecedented wave of violence at the beginning of the year in the country’s overcrowded and dilapidated prisons, particularly in the northern region bordering Peru and Colombia, a key route for trafficking cocaine to Europe.

Parnamirim prison was hugely overcrowded, with 589 detainees in a facility designed for 382, according to figures from local judiciary services.

With 622,000 detainees registered by the justice ministry at the end of 2014, Brazil has the world’s fourth-largest prison population, behind the United States, China and Russia.

The country’s prisons are at 167 percent of capacity.

Source: NewIndianExpress; 91 prisoners escape Brazilian jail, flee through tunnel

Loss of DirecTV service prompted man, 39, to beat girlfriend, 78, police say

A Florida man allegedly beat his 78-year-old girlfriend this week, claiming she failed to pay their DirecTV bill, resulting in a loss of service, authorities said.

David Mann, 39, was arrested for battery of a person over the age of 65, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office said.

Mann allegedly threw the victim onto a bed in their home and choked her during an argument, FOX30 Jacksonville reported. The suspect was apparently upset the DirecTV service had been turned off.

The victim called police after the argument ended, the station reported.

Deputies entered the Brycesville home and discovered ammunition, which Mann, a convicted felon, was not permitted to be in the presence of, police said. It was unclear whether the ammunition belonged to Mann or the victim.

Police said they additionally charged Mann with possession of a weapon.


FoxNews; Loss of DirecTV service prompted man, 39, to beat girlfriend, 78, police say by  Stephen Sorace