Police Chief Busted for Masturbating at Beach, Inside Elevator With Women and Kids

An Alabama police chief is accused of fondling himself inside an elevator and masturbating while walking behind teenage girls on a Florida beach.

Billy Maurice Driggers, 44, was arrested Thursday on four counts of disorderly conduct after witnesses and guests told police he was spotted touching himself while watching women on Tuesday at the Aqua Condominium in Panama City Beach, police said.

Driggers, who was not a registered guest at the residence and had no valid reason to be there, was also seen by witnesses placing his hand in his pants and masturbating while on an elevator on at least three separate occasions in front of women and children, police said.

Driggers was accused of masturbating while walking behind teenage girls on the beach and filming or taking photos of the teens as they used outdoor showers. Investigators said they found no instances of Driggers exposing himself, but his actions were determined to be obscene and sexually deviant, leading them to obtain a warrant for the police chief’s arrest.

Detectives later learned that Driggers was the chief of police in Level Plains, Alabama, where he was arrested Thursday at his office. He was taken into custody at the Dale County Jail, where he’s awaiting extradition to Bay County, Florida, police said.

Driggers, of Daleville, Alabama, has since been placed on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of his arrest, city officials announced on Facebook. Another police officer will be appointed to serve as acting police chief in the interim, according to a statement released by Level Plains Mayor Bruce Grantham.

“This incident will not affect current police department services to our citizens and Level Plains has the cooperation and support of the Dale County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama State Troopers during the period,” Grantham said in a statement.

Neighboring police departments will also assist the Level Plains police as part of its mutual support agreement, Grantham said.

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 Driving Instructor Was Drunk Behind Wheel Before Crash 

A boozed-up driving instructor from Long Island was so reckless behind that wheel that his students got out of the car and hid in a McDonald’s before he rear-ended another driver and got arrested, police said.

“I’m happy to be alive,” one of the students, 16-year-old Matt McGeough told Newsday.

Suffolk Auto Driving School instructor Russell Cohen, 58, was driving McGeough and three other teens in Centereach on Saturday morning when the pupils suspected he was drunk, cops said.

Cohen made inappropriate comments to two of the teenage girls in the car and hit a curb during the lesson, the teens told Newsday.

They convinced him to pull into a McDonald’s on Middle Country Road and called 911 at about 11 a.m., authorities said.

“We jumped out as soon as possible,” student Lila Mabanta, told the Long Island newspaper.

Cohen realized the students weren’t coming out of the McDonald’s and drove away from the restaurant, police said.

He rear-ended a 29-year-old Honda driver about 45 minutes later on Montauk Trail in Ridge, cops said. The Honda driver was taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Cohen was arrested on aggravated DWI and endangering the welfare of a child charges, police said.

Source: NY Post; Driving instructor was drunk behind wheel before crash by: Ben Feuerherd

Dancing FBI agent accused of accidentally shooting man at bar charged

He went from pop and locking — to lockup.

The brainless off-duty FBI agent who accidentally shot a man while doing a backflip on a Colorado dance floor was tossed in jail Tuesday, according to a report.

Chase Bishop, 29, whose gun went flying out of his holster at Mile High Spirits bar in Denver, was charged with second-degree assault, according to The Denver Post.

The disgraced G-man — whose dangerously clumsy move was captured in a viral video — turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued Tuesday morning, a spokeswoman for the Denver District Attorney’s Office told the paper. He is being held in Downtown Detention Center in Denver.

On June 2, Bishop’s gun discharged and struck fellow reveler Tom Reddington in the leg.

Bishop pounced on the weapon but accidentally squeezed off a single round. He then placed the gun in his waistband and walked off the dance floor with his hands in the air, the video shows.

“We sat down at one of those picnic tables — I heard a loud bang and I thought some idiot set off a firecracker,” Reddington told ABC News later.

“Then I looked down at my leg and see some brown residue… All of a sudden from the knee down it became completely red. Then it clicked that I’ve been shot.”

Reddington is expected to fully recover, his lawyer has said.

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Woman convicted for charging $514K on boss’s credit cards

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — A federal jury has convicted a Virginia woman on fraud and tax charges after prosecutors said she charged over a half-million dollars on her boss’s credit cards.

Sherea Darnell is a former manager at a Williamsburg eye care center. Prosecutors say she used the doctor’s credit cards to charge some $514,000 in personal transactions, including her son’s preschool tuition.

The jury heard from prosecutors that she also took over $90,000 in cash advances from the credit cards, using it to hire maid services and buy clothing and airline tickets. Authorities say that after her resignation from the eye center, Darnell continued to use her boss’s cards until the doctor finally discovered the fraud.

Darnell faces a maximum penalty of 30 years. Sentencing is set for October.

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Mom who stabbed 6-year-old son said he ‘deserved it’: cops

An Oregon mom accused of repeatedly stabbing her 6-year-old son told police that “he deserved it,” according to officials.

Nemoria Villagomez, 34, appeared in court Tuesday after allegedly impaling her son six times with a steak knife at a Newport home, according to the police department.

Authorities said the young boy was covered in blood and ran to a neighbor’s apartment for help Monday evening, claiming his mom stabbed him.

The neighbors called 911 and officers responded to the scene, where police said they found a steak knife and blood smeared on the walls.

“They found quite a bit of blood on the kitchen floor so they kept calling out, calling out, didn’t get anybody,” Newport Police Chief Jason Meloy told news station KGW-TV.

Detectives searched the home and located the mom of two in her bedroom with a 14-month-old child.

Police said Villagomez confessed to “cutting her son” and claimed that “he deserved it,” according to court documents obtained by KGW-TV.

The 6-year-old boy was airlifted to a Portland hospital with life-threatening injuries that included a punctured liver, lung and a deep stab wound on his chin. Police said he was in good condition Tuesday and expected to be released soon.

Her 14-month-old was examined at a local hospital and placed in the care of child protective services.

Villagomez was booked at Lincoln County Jail on charges for attempted murder, assault and criminal mistreatment. She is scheduled to appear next in court June 5 to face the charges.

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10 kids rescued from ‘squalor and unsafe’ conditions in California home

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Police said Monday they had removed 10 children from a squalid California home and charged their father with torture and their mother with neglect after an investigation revealed a lengthy period of severe physical and emotional abuse.

The children range from 4 months to 12 years old, said Fairfield police Lt. Greg Hurlbut.

The mother, Ina Rogers, told reporters that she called authorities in March after her 12-year-old son didn’t come home.

She said the “squalor” officers saw while investigating came from her tearing her house apart as she searched for her child.

“I was afraid I could not find him,” she told KGO-TV. “Once that fear sets in you don’t know what to do.”

The investigation began March 31 when police responded to the missing juvenile report in Fairfield, 46 miles northeast of San Francisco.

The officers found the boy and returned him to the family home, where they said they found nine other children living in “squalor and unsafe conditions.”

The father, Jonathan Allen, 29, faces felony charges of torture and child abuse and the 30-year-old Rogers faces child neglect charges. She was arrested March 31 and released after posting $10,000 bail.

Allen was arrested Friday after specialists conducted interviews with the children, Hurlbut said. He’s being held in the Solano County Jail in lieu of $1.5 million bail.

Court records do not indicate whether the parents have lawyers.

In a separate case, prosecutors in Riverside County, have filed eight new charges against a father accused of shackling and starving some of his 13 children, alleging that he lied on government forms about their schooling.

David Turpin and his wife Louise previously pleaded not guilty to torture, child abuse and other charges in a case that has drawn international attention since the couple’s 17-year-old daughter escaped the family’s Perris, California, home in January and called 911.

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Extremely drunk man tried to have sex with car tailpipe: cops

NEWTON, Kan. — Authorities say an extremely intoxicated man who was attempting to have sex with the tailpipe of a car in central Kansas was subdued with a stun gun after he refused to stop.

Newton Lt. Scott Powell says the 24-year-old was taken to an emergency room Tuesday because of his life-threateningly high .35 blood alcohol level and possible drug use.

Powell says the man had a possible head injury and “was completely oblivious to everyone standing around and telling him to stop.” Powell says the man is expected to be released from the hospital Thursday.

Police submitted a report to city prosecutors recommending a misdemeanor charge of lewd and lascivious behavior. Nothing had been filed as of Thursday.

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Authorities: Man used neighbor’s Wi-Fi to access child porn

UNION BEACH, N.J. — Authorities say a New Jersey man used his neighbor’s Wi-Fi network to download and distribute child pornography.

Monmouth County prosecutors had sought to have Henry Cicerale detained until his trial. But a judge ruled Wednesday that the 59-year-old Union Beach man would instead be kept on home detention.

Prosecutors say Cicerale set up the Wi-Fi at his neighbor’s home and then used it to access, download and distribute child porn. They say hundreds of child porn items were found on his computers and other digital media devices.

Cicerale faces two child endangerment charges for allegedly possessing and distributing child porn, along with a weapons count. He could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

It wasn’t known Thursday if Cicerale has retained an attorney.

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Woman accused of faking pregnancy to hitch an ambulance ride home

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Police say a Pennsylvania woman faked a pregnancy to hitch a ride back to her hometown.

Authorities say the 25-year-old called emergency services March 20, claiming she was having a complication with her pregnancy.

The ambulance drove the woman and her male companion from Latrobe to her hometown of Greensburg, where she was placed in a hospital room for examination.

Police say the woman walked out of the emergency room before she could be examined.

The woman gave her name and address to first responders, and police traced her to an apartment where she was hiding in the attic.

Police have charged with woman with theft of services, which carries an $800 fine.

Greensburg Police Capt. Robert Stafford says it would’ve been cheaper if the woman just called an Uber.

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Prep school sued after student hurts her butt during musical chairs

What’s next — a ban on hopscotch?

An innocent game of musical chairs at an Upper East Side prep school is headed to court — because one of the students yanked the seat from under ­another kid and she landed on her duff.

Manhattan plaintiff Kate Liggett claims that she was injured when her York Prep high-school classmate pulled out her chair during what was supposed to be a fun class activity in 2016.

The exclusive West 68th Street school — which charges tuition of nearly $50,000 a year and counts Liv Tyler as a grad — is at least partly at fault because it forced her to participate in the game that led to her downfall, according to Liggett’s Manhattan court suit.

York Prep created a “dangerous situation when it knew or should have known that the game of musical chairs as played by the students in the dance class was inappropriate for the students,” her suit says.

First, teacher Fiona Hutchinson “failed to properly educate participants” on safely playing a simple game of musical chairs during their “Expression Through Dance’’ class, the suit says.

Next, the school allowed students “who had disparate physical skills and builds” to play the game, court documents state.

Then Hutchinson forced Liggett, who has since graduated, to play despite her “specific request to be excused from playing,’’ the suit says.

The school compelled Liggett’s participation “under penalty of disciplinary action,” the suit states.

When the music stopped at one point during the game, Liggett claims, one of her classmates, Ethan Levy, suddenly pulled her seat out from under her, sending her crashing to the floor, according to the lawsuit. “Defendant Ethan Levy abruptly moved the chair upon which the plaintiff was about to sit causing plaintiff to fall to the ground,” court papers state.

The suit says Liggett “sustained serious personal injuries, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, distress and medical expenses.”

The case targets Levy personally for recklessness and negligence in pulling the chair out from under Liggett.

But she wants both him and her alma mater to cough up damages to be determined at trial.

Both Liggett and her lawyer, Bryan Schneider, declined comment to The Post on Tuesday.

Lawyers for Levy and York Prep also refused to speak about the suit.

They have denied any wrongdoing in court papers.

Lawyers for York Prep said they shouldn’t have to pay a dime because Liggett was responsible for her own actions.

Any damages were caused by “plaintiff’s own negligence or other culpable conduct,” the school’s lawyers argued.

Levy’s lawyer, William Candiloros, demanded evidence of Liggett’s wounds in answering her claims against his client.

In addition to Liv Tyler, the Manhattan school also counts infamous “Preppie Killer” Robert Chambers as a graduate.

It made film fame, too, with its facade being shown in the 2003 Will Ferrell flick “Elf.’’

The school hosts grades 6 through 12.

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