Man Bursts Into Church and Confesses to Cold Case Murder

A man barged into a Connecticut church and confessed to worshipers that he was the fiend who killed a Hartford jogger four years ago — a cold case that’s confounded cops.

Michael Trazinski, the pastor at Open Gate Ministries in East Granby, told ABC News on Monday that he and the handful of parishioners with him knew what they had to do after William Leverett told them that he stabbed mom of two Melissa Millan in 2014.

“Justice needed to be done,” Trazinski said of Leverett’s Sept. 19 confession.

So the pastor and two other people took 27-year-old Leverett to the Simsbury Police Department to turn himself in.

“I’m here to turn myself in for the murder on Iron Horse Boulevard almost four years ago,” he told police, according to the arrest warrant affidavit released Monday.

Leverett told cops he went to the running trail the night of Nov. 20, 2014, looking for “human contact” after attending a treatment meeting for sex offenders, the Hartford Courant reported.

Police charged him Sunday and he is being held on $2 million bail in Hartford.

Source: NY Post; “Man Bursts Into Church and Confesses to Cold Case Murder” by Tamar Lapin

US fighter jet crashes into sea in Japan

A US F-15 fighter jet has crashed into the sea near the Japanese island of Okinawa, the US military has confirmed. Okinawa houses a controversial American military presence, which has been the subject of numerous protests.

The pilot ejected from the fighter jet and was safely recovered. Earlier reports suggested there were possibly two crew members on board, but the aircraft has now been confirmed to be a single-seat F-15C Eagle. The jet reportedly took off from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa and crashed some 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the coast.

Japan’s Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said that the incident is being investigated, according to local media.

Ammo can drops from US military helicopter over Texas elementary school

“Accidents of US military aircraft are occurring repeatedly. We would like to continue asking for their flight safety,” the ministersaid, as quoted by Kyodo news agency.

Meanwhile, Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga, who previously led a rally against US military bases on the island, said that such incidents are jeopardizing Okinawa’s future.

“We cannot fulfill our responsibilities for our children and their children if such a situation becomes the norm,” he said. “I don’t think there is a country like this among developed nations.”

The US Air Force base at Okinawa has been plagued with technical mishaps. At least 25 incidents and emergencies have taken place over Japan in 2017. On at least three occasions, objects fell from US military aircraft and onto Japanese school grounds, prompting a high alert. One school close to US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma reportedly advises students to take shelter every time helicopters approach, which has happened over 300 times since October.

US personnel themselves, about 25,000 of whom are stationed at Okinawa, have also been causing concern for the locals. Violent, sometimes deadly incidents that they have been involved in have triggered massive protests and calls to relocate the Okinawa bases. These include the 2016 rape and murder of a Japanese woman by an American army base worker and a drunk-driving case where a Japanese man was killed in 2017. The US military temporarily imposed restrictions on movement and drinking alcohol to curtail the incidents, but local officials demand more decisive action and Okinawa residents stage massive protests against American deployment.


Man enraged by noisy kids shot two neighbors with AK-47 before five-hour standoff with cops

An Oregon man enraged by the noise from two children grabbed an AK-47 and shot two of his neighbors before barricading himself inside his home for five hours.

Franklin L. Tomes, 59, shot Jose Gaeta and Tristan Smith, both 20, outside their apartment complex in Newport on Tuesday night, Oregon Live reported. Both men are expected to survive.

Tomes, who hid in his home and finally surrendered after five hours, is now facing charges of attempted murder.

Neighbors describe living next to alleged Golden State Killer

He seemed, for the most part, like your typical grouchy old man — living in the cleanest house, with the neatest, most well-kept yard, and a “quirkiness of getting mad,” according to neighbors.

Several people told The Sacramento Bee that DeAngelo resided with his daughter and granddaughter, and was known to have “temper tantrums.”

“Not at anybody, just (expressing) his self-frustration,” explained Natalia Bedes-Correnti, who lives just a few houses down from the alleged murderer and rapist.

“Usually because he couldn’t find his keys.”

Little did everyone know, at the time, was that the ex-police officer was allegedly hiding a dark secret.

According to cops, DeAngelo spent eight years brutalizing women — and sometimes men -— from different cities across California. He is allegedly responsible for 12 murders, 45 rapes and more than 120 break-ins between 1976 and 1986.

“It’s terrifying to think this man could have hopped the fence and come into my backyard. I have children,” said Beth Walsh, who lives behind DeAngelo. “I’m glad to know they caught this guy.”

Walsh and several others told the Bee that the accused East Area Rapist retired two weeks ago, and had been planning on doing a lot of fishing. They described him as a “regular guy” with a mean streak.

“I can’t even believe, I can’t even believe it,” said resident Corey Harvey of DeAngelo’s alleged past.

The ex-Auburn and Exeter cop often did good deeds for his neighbors, including building a new fence for Walsh and her husband. But some described his behavior as off-putting — and even disturbing at times.


Man pleads guilty to murdering parents after ‘will’ threat

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A Connecticut man who police say killed his parents after they threatened to cut him out of their wills has pleaded guilty to two murder counts in a deal that calls for a 55-year prison sentence.

Twenty-nine-year-old Kyle Navin entered the pleas in Bridgeport Superior Court on Monday, a day before his trial was to begin. Sentencing is set for June 29.

Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin, of Easton, were found shot to death in October 2015 in a wooded area of Weston. Court documents say they were upset about their son’s behavior and drug use, and planned to cut him out of their wills.

Kyle Navin’s girlfriend, Jennifer Valiente, is expected to be sentenced to eight years in prison later this month after pleading guilty to hindering prosecution.



Murder suspect went shopping at Walmart during 2-day police standoff

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — A western Indiana shooting suspect involved in a two-day standoff slipped away undetected from a home surrounded by police and went shopping before a tactical team fatally shot him, authorities said Tuesday.

Michael R. Reynolds, 36, went to a Terre Haute Walmart around 3:30 a.m. on March 6 and bought a cellphone and other items that did not include ammunition, Terre Haute Police Chief John Plasse said. Officers learned about the trip after Walmart employees tipped them off.

Authorities earlier said Reynolds was suspected of killing Amanda Kerns, 40, following a “domestic situation.”

A resident living next to the home where the standoff began nearly 12 hours earlier saw Reynolds slip away but did not tell authorities until after a state police tactical team fatally shot Reynolds at a second home about three blocks away, the police chief said.

Plasse said police learned Reynolds was at the second home around 9:30 a.m. Reynolds was wearing body armor when officers shot him about three hours later after he made threatening gestures toward officers.

The chief said his department is taking steps to make sure an escape from a standoff never happens again.

“We have to be better than this,” Plasse said. “If I have to go personally and make sure every window is covered, I will do that.”



Murder suspect in ‘jeweler to the stars case’: My pal did the killing

One of the three suspects charged in the murder of a man in a posh Sutton Place apartment recounted the bloody slaying and botched effort to cover it up in chillingly calm detail in a Manhattan courtroom Monday.

“I turned around and that’s when I saw the knife being pulled out of Joey’s head,” Lawrence Dilione casually told prosecutor Antoinette Carter as she grilled him about the murder of Joseph Comunale.

Dilione, 29, claims his friend James Rackover — the adopted son of Manhattan jeweler-to-the-stars Jeffrey Rackover — did the actual killing. But he admits to first beating and “body slamming” the 26-year-old Connecticut man until he was bloodied and unconscious after Comunale suggested Dilione was mooching from them after a night of partying in November 2016.

Dilione said he was set off by Comunale grousing to him, “James is bringing cocaine, I’ve got cigarettes, what the f–k are you bringing to the table?”

After the beating, “[Comunale] was having trouble breathing. [Rackover] said we’re gonna go to jail for a long time, we gotta get rid of him. I said, ‘I’ll take the blame,’ but he said ‘Look at my hands,’ and they were covered in blood,” Dilione said with a shrug during the pretrial hearing.

“At that point [Rackover] started to strangle him,” Dilione continued, adding he then hustled to get his sleeping friend, Max Gemma, out of the tony Midtown apartment.

“We were ordered [by Rackover] to take off our clothes, and my pair of jeans was used for strangling Joey,” Dilione testified, claiming he then saw Rackover pulling the blade from Comunale’s head.

It’s not clear at what point in the night Comunale died.

“I guess maybe James realized he could dismember the body,” Dilione testified. “He started to try and sever [Comunale’s] arm, but he couldn’t get through the bone, and he got angry and started stabbing the body multiple times.”

Dilione testified that Rackover kept angrily cursing “motherf–ker” as he plunged the knife into the by-now-unconscious Comunale’s torso. He has said that while he and Rackover used steroids, that night they’d only taken cocaine and booze.

The disturbing testimony — delivered with an eerie flatness — was punctuated by soft sobs from Comunale’s family members and others who packed the gallery.

With Gemma gone, Dilione claims he and Rackover discussed disposing of the body. They were first going to dump the mangled remains in Brooklyn, but eventually settled on a marshy spot in Oceanport, NJ, where Dilione and Gemma grew up.

Rackover allegedly called down to have his adopted dad’s new Mercedes brought around, and then drove it to under his apartment window.

Meanwhile, Dilione testified, he was wrapping the body and propped it on the window ledge of the fourth-floor apartment until he saw Rackover pull up. Then, in the early morning light, he pushed the body out the window. It landed on the pavement, breaking Comunale’s pelvis.

They crammed the corpse into the trunk and drove to Jersey.

Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Joseph Burke is expected to decide as early as Tuesday whether or not Dilione’s statements are admissible.

His lawyer has filed a motion to have them tossed, saying his client was questioned without a lawyer after asking for one.

A trial date has yet to be set.


Man walks into police station, admits to killing teen he paid for sex: cops

A Milwaukee man faces charges after he walked into a police station and confessed to killing a 19-year-old woman, according to officials.

John F. Gillum, 29, was charged Wednesday with intentional homicide and sexual assault in connection to Morgan Huennekens’ death, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Gillum told authorities that Huennekens paid a call to his home Saturday on the agreement that he would give her $160 to perform sex acts.

In a police station interview, he allegedly claimed the altercation started when the teen didn’t have change for his $200 cash.

The 29-year-old allegedly pummeled Huennekens with both fists, tied her up and raped her, then stabbed her in the neck like he had seen on television, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Gillum eventually determined she was suffering and bashed her skull with a pipe, according to police.

He admitted to investigators that she “begged for her life” — but that the grisly assault happened in “one wave.”

Her body was found in a sheet and tied with belts inside Gillum’s shed, according to authorities.

A GoFundMe page created for Huennekens said that she was a vocal advocate for woman and had created a fundraiser to help sex-trafficking victims.

“Her heart shined like the stars, and she had dreams of fighting for the voiceless and protecting women’s rights,” the page said.



Killer nanny complained about mom in first statement after grisly murders

“I had to do Everything AND TAKE CARE OF THE KIDS,” Yoselyn Ortega communicated to the on-duty cop just two days after she butchered Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2.

Jurors Thursday saw the disturbing statements the 55-year-old made to NYPD Sgt. Yoel Hidalgo, who dictated her gestures, via alphabet board, in pen onto four separate sheets of white paper.

Ortega claims she doesn’t remember the slaughterand says she was possessed by the devil, and was unable to address Hildago verbally because after nearly decapitating the children she plunged the knife into her own throat.

The grisly crime unfolded just three days after Ortega visited a psychologist — who took the stand earlier Thursday to tell jurors Ortega was depressed, but not mentally ill.

“I worked as babysitter only and she wanted me to do everything so wanted 5 hours of cleaning every week,” another statement inked by Hildago read, referencing stay-at-home mom Marina Krim.

The 55-year-old’s gripes continued, despite the fact that, in a children’s bathroom across the city, investigators were still collecting evidence from the blood-soaked room where she’d stabbed the children to death in the tub.

“I told her I do not want to clean because of soap,” Ortega also said, with Hidalgo telling jurors she’d pointed to her pinky after this statement.

Krim, during her heartbreaking testimony last week, told the court Ortega had approached her and showed her a burn on her pinky from bleach in the days before the slayings.

The mom had testified she was horrified by the injury, and purchased natural cleaning products for the cash-strapped woman, whom she’d offered $100 more a week for five hours of cleaning in addition to child care.

But the natural solvents were never used, because days later Ortega butchered Krim’s children, and then tried to take her own life.

“When I got things wrong she would make a grunting, gargling sound,” Hidalgo testified. “She would tap on the railing. She would show frustration. Even small facial expressions, she would make.”

Ortega, who has been scowling and shaking her head during past testimony — andrefusing to look at her gruesome handiwork — stared at the exhibits.

The first piece of paper shown to jurors contained pen scratches made by Ortega herself, and also referenced the psychologist, Dr. Thomas Caffrey, whom she’d visited under the name Yoselyn Perez.

Caffrey testified there was “no evidence” that the then-50-year-old caregiver suffered from delusions or hallucinations at the time of the knifings.

“She didn’t tell me about any concerns about voices or visions, smells, tactile. No indication of hallucinations,” Caffrey testified in Manhattan Supreme Court. “Her concerns seemed to be about her heart, her anxiety, her son, her sister, her money. She impressed me as a worried, anxious, frightened person.”

“She seemed to be concerned about her son and not having done much for him over the 12 years,” Caffrey’s notes read.

Ortega never made a second appointment. Soon after visiting Caffrey, she allegedly went on a stabbing spree inside Marina and Kevin Krim’s Upper West Side apartment, murdering Lucia and Leo.

Prosecutors, who don’t have to prove a motive, have said Ortega was driven to kill because she was jealous of mom Marina Krim and resentful that Krim offered her housework for more money.

Ortega, who worked for the Krims for two years, is mounting an insanity defense, claiming she’d heard voices and was “touched by the devil” in the months leading up to the murders.

Ortega faces up to life in prison if convicted. If she’s found not guilty by reason if insanity, she could spend the rest of her life in a mental institution.


UK police arrest 3 men over blast that killed 5 people

LONDON — British police say they have arrested three men in connection with an explosion over the weekend in the English city of Leicester that killed five people.

Sunday’s blast caused the collapse of a building which housed a shop and a two-story apartment.

Leicestershire Police said Wednesday that “police investigating the cause of the explosion and fire in Leicester … have arrested three men on suspicion of manslaughter.”

Police said the suspects are all in their 30s. The cause of the explosion hasn’t been disclosed, but police said “we stress that there remains no evidence that the events of Sunday night are in any way terrorist related.”

Leicester is 110 miles north of London.

Credit: NY Post