That’s wild!

An incredible video has emerged of the moment a wolf jumped into a truck to grab a few minutes of shade and a refreshing drink of water.

Delivery men came to the dehydrated wolf’s aid on their way through the desolate Brazilian landscape.

The men had been driving their truck along a remote road on a scorching day near Primavera do Leste when the wolf passed in front of their truck.

They stopped to take a picture of it and were shocked when it jumped into the truck  and settled down in a shady corner to hide from the sizzling heat of the South American sun.

Minutes went by as the men tried to decide how to coax the wild animal out of the truck – with one man balancing precariously on the raised edge of the truck to lasso the wolf several feet below.

They eventually got the wolf out of the truck using the lasso before the wolf collapsed with exhaustion.

The exhausted animal lay on the ground as the kind man used a blue bucket to pour water into the wolf’s mouth in an attempt to revive the beast.

Over the course of several minutes the thirsty animal drank its fill before its saviour released the lasso.

The revitalised animal bounded into the undergrowth, leaving the perplexed men to contemplate the amazing scene they had been a part of.

The delighted workmen shared a high five before heading back to the truck to continue their journey.

Credit: Daily Mail

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