The bloodied ear of flight attendant who was BITTEN by passenger en route to San Francisco when he was asked to stop smoking


The bloodied ear of a flight attendant who was bitten by an allegedly drunk passenger on a flight to San Francisco has been pictured after the man was arrested.

Jonah Cayle Snow allegedly bit the flight attendant’s ear after being told to put out a cigarette and stop drinking on Wednesday as they were flying from Amsterdam to San Francisco.

He was onboard a KLM Royal Dutch airlines flight with his girlfriend, tattoo artist Nikki Zeebregts when a melee broke out.

The bloodied photo was included in an affidavit by the FBI following Snow’s arrest.

Snow and his girlfriend were only allowed on the flight after they agreed to not drink any alcohol as they were already drunk when they tried to board, East Bay Times reports.

About halfway through the flight, Snow and Zeebregts got into a fight that was so raucous that they were separated, said a police affidavit.

Zeebregts was brought to the back of the plane, but became so disruptive that attendants had to restrain her to prevent injuries to other passengers.
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