Two-legged goat stuns villagers by learning to walk

You’ve got to be kidding! Two-legged goat stuns villagers by learning to walk on her forelegs

Despite only having two legs, this determined goat has taught herself how to walk around and play with her friends. Footage released shows the cute black kid balancing on her two front legs and running around with the other animals, stunning her breeder and other villagers.

The animal from Yunnan province, south-west China, has been dubbed the ‘strong-willed goat’ by locals, reports the People’s Daily Online.  Check out this adorable and brave TWO LEGGED goat

Local veterinarians speculated that the mother of the young goat may have been injured in the abdomen According to reports, the goat was born in Yunnan’s Xinping Yi-Dai Autonomous County on December 20, 2015.

She was born without any hind legs however has taught herself to walk.  In the footage, the animal can be seen walking around on her two legs, almost looking like she is balancing.  She also can be seen eating fresh food while still standing, later joined by other goat friends.

At one point the goat runs along with the other animals at the farm.


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