VIDEO: Car soars into second floor of building, gets lodged for hours

This driver was really flying.

A California motorist was moving so fast when his car slammed into a center median Sunday that the impact launched the vehicle into the second story of a nearby building — where it stayed lodged for hours as rescuers extricated a person trapped inside.

“This is not a situation that happens every day,” Capt. Stephen Horner of the Orange County Fire Authority told the Post by phone Sunday. “A vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed hit the center divider went airborne and landed on the second floor of a small office building.”

The airborne auto slammed into the Santa Ana building at about 5:30 a.m., causing a small blaze that the fire department quickly extinguished, Horner said.

One person inside the vehicle was able to squeeze out, but a second occupant spent an hour and a half trapped in the car as its tail end dangled precariously out of the building, officials said.

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