Video: YouTube star De’arra tricks Ken with dead girlfriend prank

A prankster with a taste for the extreme tricked her boyfriend into thinking she had been brutally stabbed to death by staging her own murder scene – and recording his reaction on camera.

Youtubers De’arra and Ken have a habit of pranking each other on their channel. But De’arra took it to the next level when she faked her own death, giving herself a false stabbing wound and lying down in a pool of (fake) blood.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 8 million times on Youtube, opens with De’arra preparing for her elaborate joke while Ken is out getting some food. ‘We’ve been having this issues with people breaking in other people’s cars around here but maybe that will give him some type of idea that something is suspect and he’ll kind of get in edge.’

She then gives herself a fake chest wound, using tissues, makeup and fake blood. De’arra smears more fake blood on the living room floor, on the door handle, and pours an abundant amount of it on the bathroom floor before lying down at the center.

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