We’ve all been there!

A chunky little toddler from Pittsburgh is already learning the sad reality so many women face when they can’t squeeze into their skinny jeans.

In a video uploaded to Facebook by his mom Alyssa Price, little Ryan can be seen trying to zip up his blue jeans.

It becomes clear that the tot has outgrown this particular pair, though, when he struggles adorably to get them fastened.

In a clip that has been viewed 15 million times on the Facebook page Just Girly Things, Ryan can be seen standing on what appears to be his bed or changing table wearing just a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

His little tummy pushes out over the top, making it difficult for the blonde boy to close them.

‘Can you button ’em?’ his mom asks from behind the camera as he tries and fails. ‘Are they a little too snug?’

He lets out a little whimper and looks up at his mom, asking with his eyes what he should do.

‘Gotta do the skinny jeans dance,’ his mom says. ‘Suck it in!’

She then appears to show him what she means off camera, making a loud inhaling noise. He imitates her, sucking in his cute belly with a smile and causing his mother to erupt in giggles.

Clearly finding this adorable, she continues to encourage him to suck it in so she can watch his belly move.

‘Oh, man, I don’t think it’s gonna happen, either,’ she finally says as they both admit defeat.

Since the video was shared, thousands of people have chimed in to talk about how cute and funny the boy is, saying things like, ‘struggle is real’.

A select few, though, have called the video ‘awful’, chastising the mother for teaching her impressionable son to be ashamed of his belly — baby fat which all children have, and which the mother seems to think is quite cute.

Others have gone so far as to call the baby overweight.

Even more commenters, however, have shushed the critics, writing that ‘chubby babies are the cutest’.

‘That baby is adorable and HEALTHY,’ wrote one. ‘My babies were well-fed chunky monkeys. And now they are teens, still well fed, lean and mean and beautiful! You people bashing this baby and mommy should be ashamed!’

Credit: Daily Mail

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