Will US soldiers soon be riding jet powered HOVERBOARDS into battle?

Will US soldiers soon be riding jet powered HOVERBOARDS into battle? Military firm buys company behind record breaking gadget

It could lead to US soldiers soon flying into battle on hoverboards – and hopefully a consumer board as well. Last month, Franky Zapata stunned the world by revealing his jet powered ‘hoverboard’ that could travel at 90mph (150km/h). Now, his firm has been sold to Implant Science, a Department of Homeland Security supplier.

The 37-year-old recently used his Flyboard Air to travel more than 2,252 meters (7,388ft) off the French Atlantic coastal town of Sausset-les-Pins on Saturday. A video shows him reaching a height of 50 meters (165ft) above the surface in a flight that lasted just under seven minutes.

‘We are beyond excited to have visionaries like Franky Zapata and his team on board and we are thrilled to allow for shareholders to benefit from the many breakthrough products he has already invented and the new innovations he will be unveiling in coming months and years.’ said Implant Sciences president Robert Liscouski, revealing the sale.

‘Implant Sciences Corporation, a leading manufacturer of explosives trace detection (ETD) solutions for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) applications, is pleased to announce the signing of a letter of intent to acquire Zapata Industries SAS of Marseilles, France,’ the firm said. ‘Zapata is a profitable and debt-free company with commercial, defense, and homeland security technology applications.’


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