Woman who walked 26 miles in the snow and drank her own urine to find help after family got stuck in blizzard


The thought of Karen Klein’s family moving on without her forced the Pennsylvania mother of a young boy to summon the will to miraculously survive a 36-hour, 26-mile trek through treacherous snow by subsisting on urine and twigs.

‘It’s just starting to sort of sink in,’ she told NBC News on Monday from her hospital bed in Utah.

‘It still feels somewhat surreal.’

Klein, 46, was driving from southern Utah to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon with her husband Eric and their 10-year-old son Isaac on Thursday, when the road became covered in snow.

Their car got stuck in a ditch when they tried to turn around, and Klein set off on foot, walking in freezing temperatures and snow measuring three feet at certain points before she was rescued and taken to the intensive care unit on Friday.

‘We would go to Bryce Canyon and spend the night and then go to the North Rim,’ Klein said in recalling the ordeal.

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