Wooden hammock falls on woman’s head after blowing off Manhattan building

A Wooden hammock blew off a lower Manhattan building Tuesday and hit a British tourist in the head as she walked by, officials said.

The hammock flew off a fifth-floor landing of a 22-story building on Church St. near Park Place at about 5 p.m., cops said.

It landed on the 48-year-old victim as she walked down the sidewalk with her husband, cops said.

“I heard a loud noise, then I ran out. The woman was laying on her back and her left leg was twisted up,” said the manager of a nearby shop.

“There was no blood or anything, but her leg was twisted up at different angles and she couldn’t move.”

The woman stared blankly as first responders rushed to help her while using an umbrella to shield her from the rain.

Medics took the woman to Bellevue Hospital.

She was conscious and in serious but stable condition, police said.

Credit: NY Daily Mails

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