Would YOU wear this on the beach?

Would YOU wear this on the beach? String-thin bondage-style bikini that barely covers your intimate areas is the latest summer must-have sweeping Japan

If you thought you’d seen some racy bikinis this summer, brace yourself. A string-thin ‘bikini’ is taking the internet by storm having just landed in Japan as it’s hailed the hottest new piece of swimwear in the Far East this summer. The two-piece, by fashion house Buyma, lets wearers show a very generous amount of ‘under-boob’ and just about covers their nipples.


Quite how this would go down on Bournemouth beach, we don’t know. Not only does the bikini top not encase the wearer’s breasts properly – like a bikini is supposed to – but it features a lot of unnecessary criss-cross straps across the chest and cleavage – as if to accentuate its lack of support in other, more vital areas.

The bottom half, on the other hand, show everything except your most intimate body part. Hollywood wax is essential. It features a tiny piece of material at the front and widely spaces straps which encase your bottom – leaving your cheeks showing fully.

Fuente: dailymail.co.uk

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