young woman claiming to be ‘possessed by goblins’

Chilling footage shows young woman claiming to be ‘possessed by goblins’ screaming and writhing during ‘EXORCISM’

A young woman can be seen screaming and writhing in her seat as she undergoes an exorcism after being ‘possessed by goblins’.  The chilling footage shows a female in a pink vest muttering in a deep voice and contorting in a chair with her arms and hands splayed out. Filmed in the Philippines, the woman continues to gasp and scream as the exorcist steps forward and places a thumb on her head. Disturbing video seemingly shows girl receiving an EXORCISM

The young woman can be seen shaking and chillingly screeching as the exorcist places his thumb on her head Surrounded by others, the exorcist starts to mutter things to the woman who breathes heavily and continues to shriek.

Other people can be heard shouting things at the ‘demons’ and a liquid – thought to be holy water – is also poured on the woman at various points. Towards the end of the clip, she can be heard sobbing as the exorcist works to free the ‘demons’. Another woman also steps up and yells, repeatedly hitting the ‘possessed’ female across the face. According to reports, the female claims to have been possessed by duwendes – one of the mythological creatures in Filipino folklore. These are tiny goblins or elves and both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ duwendes are believed to exist.


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