For more than a decade, millions of radio listeners
have woken up early in the morning to laugh along
with the Spanish radio superstar, Luis Jimenez. With
his irreverent humor and numerous characters,
Jimenez now made the move to Internet radio where
the whole world can get a dose of this radio genius.
Luis Jimenez Probably Best known for being the
creator and master mind behind “El Vacilón de la
Mañana” the morning show which during its 13
years on the air grew to become the No. 1 morning
show in the New York market, and the most listened
to Spanish radio morning program in the U.S. It was
syndicated in X markets and heard worldwide on the
show’s Web site, Jimenez became
the most listened and ground breaking radio
personality in history in any language often beating
Howard Stern’s program on terrestrial radio.
As a child growing up in Puerto Rico, Jimenez was
fascinated with radio. When he was six, his father
offered to take him to Disney World. Jimenez turned
down the offer, and asked if he could go visit a radio
station instead. Jimenez took his first steps in
broadcasting working as a part-timer in Puerto Rican
radio. In 1989 he moved to Orlando, Florida to work
in a local radio station where his friend had become
a program director. Things didn’t quite go his way
and the young radio hopeful had to take work as a
maintenance employee while keeping his position on
the air.

It was only a matter of time before his charisma, wit and
talent won him the hearts of the Hispanic community of
Orlando. In 1993 his friend George Mier, who had become
ProgramDirector of WSKQ, invited him to move to New
York to host the morning show. So it was that on August 9,
1993 El Vacilón de la Mañana was born. With that also
was born a new era for Luis Jimenez. With impeccable
comic timing, Jimenez a long side his own colorful
morning crew interacted with outrageous callers and a
stellar guest list of celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to
Donald Trump. He’s also created a cast of zany characters
including the Latin lover “El Chulo” whoromances ladies
over 65 and the cuckolded “Cornelio Toro” who seems
oblivious to the evils of his cheating wife.
Luis Jimenez’ talents reach beyond radio. He has sold out
Shows at Carolines, The Comedy Garden at New York’s
Madison Square Garden and at the New York Comedy
Festival. His first album, “El Vacilon de la Mañana’s Tortilla
Party,” was nominated for a prestigious Billboard Latin
Music Award, marking the first time a radio personality had
received the honor. Since then, he’s released three
additional comedy albums. In 2005, Jimenez brought his
morning mayhem to the big screen, releasing the feature
film, “El Vacilón: The Movie.” The movie had an eightweek run in limited release, and was then released on

In addition, Jimenez is the voice of HBO Latino and
History Channel en Español. For his passion and
dedication, for his tireless determination, for
overcoming obstacles, and because of his influence in
the Hispanic community of the United States, Jimenez
has received many honors including being named the
Padrino (Godfather) of the National Puerto Rican Day
Parade of 2003. The official announcement was made
during his radio program by former First Lady of the
United States and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton.
Jimenez has been invited to participate in different
debates on the Latino vote on CNN’s Election Center
hosted by John Roberts.
In January 2008 after 13 Years with SBS’ La Mega 97.9
in New York, which aired his hit show “El Vacilón de la
Mañana” Jimenez launched “The Luis Jimenez show”
on the Univision radio network, WCAA 105.9fm.This
was a huge step for Luis Jimenez because the show
was syndicated across the U.S. adding several markets
and broadcast live from Univision’s brand new, state-ofthe art studio in Midtown Manhattan.
Currently you can listen Luis Jimenez on Podcast in
any podcasting platform.